Bamboo vs. French Linen: Which Is Best For You?

At Sijo, we've specifically chosen our bedding materials because of their incredible benefits. Whether it's that they're cooling, they feel luxurious, or that they have plenty of health benefits, both fabrics are incredible choices for upgrading your bedding game. 

So, which material is right for you?

If you like cooling bedding with a silky soft finish....

You might like our Bamboo bedding. A silky sheen, ultra softness, and a breathable, cooling material make this the perfect choice if a smooth texture is something that's crucial for you when it comes to bedding. 

If you like material that is great for all seasons...

You might like our French Linen bedding. Breathable and airy in summer, but with a bit of weight that keeps it a great choice in fall and winter, our French Linen is the luxurious, all-season bedding for you.

If you're looking for a natural material...

Both our Bamboo and French Linen bedding are perfect choices. Both materials are derived from plants, and are long fiber materials, meaning they're durable, high quality and have the feel comparable to or above a high thread count cotton. Plus, both materials have hypoallergenic qualities and are safe for sensitive skin.

If you're looking to add a modern look to your space...

Bamboo is for you. The sleek material lends itself to a more modern space, whereas our French Linen bedding has a more traditional feel. Both lend themselves well to minimalist or highly decorated bedrooms.

No matter which of our materials you choose, you're getting Oeko-Tex Certified bedding that is created sustainably without the addition of harsh chemicals or harmful dyes.

Have more questions about our bedding? Send a message to or get in touch with us on social media @sijohome.

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