How to Wash a Eucalyptus Comforter/Duvet Insert

Bedding care is extremely important, especially with materials that are a bit more delicate or fabrics that are less traditional. You may have noticed the instructions on our product pages for our Eucalyptus Bedding Collection, but now that we have the comforter/duvet insert, there are a few important things to note so that you can keep this new addition to your collection in top shape. 

Let’s get into some of the questions you may have:

Will washing this eucalyptus comforter ruin it?

No. As long as the guidelines we share below are followed, your comforter/duvet insert will stay in top shape.

Should I wash or dry clean my eucalyptus comforter?

The good news is that these can be machine washed. However, because a comforter or duvet insert is bulkier than other bedding elements, it’s important to ensure you have the capacity in your washer. If you don’t, using an industrial washer or sending this out may be a good option for you. 

These duvet inserts can also be dry cleaned, if preferred. 

Can I put my eucalyptus comforter in the dryer?

Yes, you can! We will share the proper settings below in our step-by-step guide.

So, what are the steps to washing this item?

Step by Step Guide on How To Wash Your Eucalyptus Comforter

  1. Spot treat any stains.You can do this with a stain remover spray, using the detergent of your choice, or with a bleach-free stain product. 
    1. If the stains are from oil…we suggest pre treating by using a bit of baking soda on the spot to absorb the oil. Spot treat for 30-45 minutes, then wipe away and wash as usual.
    2. If the stains are from makeup…repeat the steps from the oil stain option, especially if your makeup is oil based. If not, dishwashing liquid makes a great spot treatment for stubborn makeup stains.
    3. If the stains are from wine...the key here is using dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. Because our comforter/duvet insert is white, this will be ok to use as a treatment. We do not suggest this for wine stains on our sheet sets or duvet covers. Let this sit for up to an hour before washing.
  2. Choose your wash settings. TENCEL lyocell, the fabric this bedding is made with, is best washed on lower temperature settings like warm or cold. Choose this water setting for your comforter. This item is best washed alone.
  3. Do an important check. If any stains remain present after the wash cycle, do not dry it! Re-treat and re-wash this. If the stains don’t come out the first time, drying the comforter will just bake them in.
  4. Choose your detergent. We suggest gentle, eco-friendly detergents, but this can be washed using your preferred laundry soap. Fabric softener is not recommended for use with bedding.
  5. Dry gently.This can be tumble dried, however, be sure you use a lower setting when putting this comforter in the dryer. Our duvet inserts can also be air dried. 

How can I make my comforter fluffy again?

This is a great question, and a helpful way to ensure your filling is even. Because this is a down alternative material, there isn’t much work that needs to be done, but if you’d like to enhance the fluffiness, we suggest two key methods:

  1. After washing but before drying: Use dryer balls to help agitate and fluff up the comforter during the dry cycle. This is the quickest way, and gets two steps completed in one process.
  2. After you wash and dry: You can pat out the fill evenly across the comforter. Then, to ensure it’s distributed and to add a bit of fluff back in, you can grab it by the edges and in a wave motion, snap the bedding up and down.

Do you have any other care tips?

We do! Be sure to wash this comforter as frequently as you can. Some customers prefer to do this each time they wash their sheets, others do so every month or so. This is a matter of personal preference, but it is important that this is washed even if you plan to use a duvet cover with it. 

We suggest when this isn’t in use, especially after washing, to store this in a cool, dry place. We also offer storage pouches for this, so feel free to keep this stored in the pouch it arrived in if you’re not using this for all seasons. 

If you enjoy specific bedding fragrances, like calming lavender or a specific home spray, feel free to gently mist your comforter every so often with it. 

We hope this guide on how to wash a eucalyptus comforter or duvet insert has been helpful, and that you enjoy your items! If you haven’t tried them yet, this duvet insert pairs perfectly with our luxurious Eucalyptus Sheet Set and Duvet Cover

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