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Coffee + Mint Body Scrub

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Scrub stresses of the day away. The antioxidants in this coffee scrub smooth skin and leave you feeling soft. Natural oils mean this will never strip your skin. 

8 oz / 226 g


The Routine



Do coffee scrubs really work?

Coffee Scrub does really work! The caffeine within the coffee grounds helps stimulate dilation and circulation.

What does coffee scrub do?

Coffee grounds in our Coffee Scrub will exfoliate the skin, scrubbing away dead skin cells to bring out your healthy glowing skin beneath. Using coffee scrub is a natural way to exfoliate without harsh additives in other face or body scrubs.

How often should I use coffee scrub?

Since using coffee scrub can make your skin more sensitive, try using it every few days, just as you would any other body or face scrub.

About The Brand

Introducing our curation of exceptional bath and body care products from Little Barn Apothecary. Each product is vegan, cruelty free, and feels luxurious.


Organic sugar, organic coffee, organic coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, organic cocoa seed butter, cetearyl and sorbitan olivate (an emulsifier made from olives), peppermint essential oil.


In the shower or bath, scoop product and apply to skin in circular scrubbing motions. Rinse off thoroughly.

Good To Know

We like to use the scrubs in a circular motion to effectively remove dry/dead skin. 

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