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Frequently Asked Questions

Linen pillow cases are extremely breathable, making them nice for the skin, and allowing a regulation of body temperature. They are also incredibly soft, lending to a comfortable sleep experience.

No, sleeping on a linen pillow case will not cause hair loss. If you have long hair and want to secure it as you sleep, we recommend loosely tying it back.

Linen pillow covers are extremely breathable, and this helps regulate body temperature. While this will not lower your temperature, using linen bedding alongside a fan or other cooling measures will keep you comfortable as you sleep.

Linen is a raw material that is quite luxurious, and therefore generally comes at a higher price point. This is to make sure that people at all levels of the creation of the fabric and bedding are compensated fairly, and to ensure we're using the highest quality and safest raw materials, solvents, and dyes.

Yes, linen pillowcases can be put on cooling pillows. Their breathability allows the cooling element of the pillows themselves come through. Also, as a natural material without harsh chemicals, there should be no alteration from the cases onto the pillows.

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