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Glass Tea Infuser

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Glass Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

The ultimate item for the tea-lover. Our tea infuser is the perfect steeping tool for our loose-leaf teas. The playful beaker-style glass body and cork cap allow this to be rinsed and reused over and over again. This infuser features four cut-outs on the sides to allow the tea to steep to your desired level.

The Routine



Cork, glass


Remove the cork cap and place preferred amount of loose leaf tea (we suggest 1-2 teaspoons for our loose leaf tea blends) into the infuser. Place the cork cap back onto the infuser, and allow it to steep in warm/hot water for the desired amount of time (we recommend 3-4 minutes).

CAUTION: This infuser is made from glass, and may become warm after steeping in warm or hot water. Handle with care.


Hand wash and allow to air dry.

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