Unwind Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oil Blend for Relaxation

Unwind is designed for those on-the-go. It’s our answer to those evening cocktails after a hectic day (and before your next hectic day tomorrow). Stay in, relax, and recharge instead with help from clary sage, lavender, marjoram, and sweet orange (no hangover included).

0.5 fl oz / 15ml

The Routine



Clary Sage – A powerful medicinal sage of the ancient Mediterranean brings you plenty of calm, relaxation, and rest to your present day and moment. It’s a popular favorite among aromatherapists and a top choice as an essential oil ingredient for promoting sleep and stress relief. Likewise, scientific research on clary sage documents very real sedating and soothing effects. We carefully handpicked this botanical selection to help you “turn off” at the end of that long and busy day.

Lavender –Everything about lavender—including its scent—invokes feelings of lightness and breathing free. What better ingredient for unwinding and lightening up the mood once projects and errands wrap up? Even if you’re still restless, lavender in essential oil helps cut through excess energy no matter how amped up you feel. It can get you closer to some shuteye in a pinch, too, with plenty of research supporting its relaxing and sleep-promoting qualities.

Marjoram –Does Italian cookery hold a secret to post-work relaxation? It may be possible, studies show. Marjoram, a very similar herb to oregano, brims with flavor, aroma, and rest-enhancing properties— even an ability to help you sleep, science suggests. Before its essences were used to spice up pasta and other dishes, folk herbalists may have prescribed it for sleeping problems and anxiety. No need for that nightcap: only marjoram’s pleasant aromas in our unwinding essential oil blend.

Sweet Orange –This classic citrus has its own relaxing properties in our Unwind essential oil blend. Orange imbues the blend with bright notes to help round out your calm evening with a familiarly sweet yet zesty scent. Not only is sweet orange irresistible, it also helps tone things down in its own way— and distinctly— from other ingredients. Research shows orange may improve sleep quality, making it the perfect companion for bringing your day (or night) to a close.


Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), Origanum Majorana (Marjoram), and Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange)


No cocktails (or weekend getaways) needed to unwind with this blend of aromatic and calming essential oils. For some rapid R&R (Rest and Relaxation): place 10 - 15 drops of Unwind essential oil into your Ultrasonic or Nebulizing diffuser for best results.

CAUTION: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. If pregnant or nursing, contact your health practitioner before using. Some essential oils may promote sunburn. 

Good To Know

A few Dos & Don'ts For Using Your Unwind Essential Oil

  • Do dilute your Unwind essential oils. Nebulizing diffusers don’t require dilution, but regular use in diffusers and use in custom blends or cleaning/body care products require water dilution or a carrier oil. 
  • Don’t use Unwind essential oils on the body if you will be in/near direct sunlight. Certain citrus-based oils can amplify the possibility of sunburn, and should be avoided at times when you will be in direct sunlight. 
  • Do carefully consider which blends of essential oils will be best for you. Do you have migraines? Blends with lavender might be best. Do you have a cold? Blends with eucalyptus might be best. There are plenty of varieties of oils, and we carry specialized blends that serve many purposes. 
  • Don’t use certain essential oils while pregnant. 
  • Do use your essential oil diffusers regularly. Simply add 5 - 10 drops of Unwind to water for the ultrasonic diffuser or 5 - 10 drops of the essential oil directly into the nebulizing diffuser for hours of aromatherapy. 

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