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Award Winning Cool-Sleep Essentials For 2022

SIJO’s AiryWeight Bedding Collection is a bestseller (and has sold out multiple times!) for a reason. 

Nominated Best Bedding of the Year by several publications including Architectural Digest, GQ, Sleep Foundation, Oprah Daily and Refinery29, AiryWeight bedding by SIJO is truly a must have! What is it that makes this bedding so special? 

Cooler temperatures contribute to better sleep.

Any sleep expert will tell you that a dark, cool environment leads to better quality sleep. The lightweight fabric, cool-to-the-touch feeling and smooth texture make it breathable enough for warm temperatures or hot sleepers, but it still has a coziness perfect for year-round weather. The AiryWeight collection also boasts a comforter, perfect for that comfy weighted feel that is key for winter (but without the night sweats)! 

SIJO customers, top publishers and friends of the brand have attested to the deeper, healthier sleep they’ve gotten from these sheets and duvet covers. Not only that, but they’ve found improvements to their overall health. The benefits of great sleep are endless!

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Don’t Just Take It From Us - SIJO Customers Share the Love

Customers have left thousands of glowing reviews on this bedding:

“I have been sleeping better as my body temperature stays even and perfectly comfortable! It is soft like a dream. I also have allergies and asthma and I am breathing better at night with this wrapped around me. Buy it, you won’t regret it - you will love it!”

“It's SO SOFT and snuggly, and weighted just right. I'm pretty confident that I have the most comfortable bed of anyone that I know-- and by a pretty wide margin too.”

SIJO Has It All

Sheets and duvet covers are great, but what really makes the AiryWeight collection a must have is the fact that it covers everything! From sheets and duvet covers to comforters, mattress protectors, and even a pillow, this collection has everything you need for cooler, healthier sleep.

SIJO Says, “Yes!” to High Tech Materials

Starting from Eucalyptus wood pulp, this bedding already transcends traditional, high water use fabrics. Crafted carefully from TENCEL™ Lyocell, dyed with plant based dyes, and Oeko-Tex 100 certified, AiryWeight far surpasses other brands and fabrics. 

But creating luxurious, cooling bedding in a trending fabric wasn’t enough for the SIJO team. A high-tech component with health benefits was an important inclusion. The team uses silver ion technology to create bedding that is antibacterial and antimicrobial. 

This is a gift for the health conscious. The antimicrobial properties reduce potential dust mites, and also protect the skin against bacteria that may cause issues like acne or inflame other skin-related ailments. 

And for those who prefer to extend time between washes, this technology does reduce odor as well, meaning you can stretch the time between washes if you prefer.

Here’s how SIJO compares to others