4 Reasons We Love French Linen

Our signature and first bedding offering, French Linen, continues to be a hit here at Sijo. Breathable, sustainably sourced, and oh so cozy, there's a lot to love about this material. But here are four reasons why it has truly captured our hearts (and taken over our beds)!

1. Softness is standard.

Our French Linen is stone washed for softness, and continues to get softer with time for an unbeatable level of comfort.

2. It's comfortable for all seasons.

Our super soft French Linen is an airy material, though it has some weight. This makes it the perfect choice for use year-round. Plus, the material is hypoallergenic for healthy sleep.

3. We love the casual yet chic aesthetic.

Linen is a traditionally luxurious material that also can have a casual-chic feel. This bedding, in its sleek range of solid colors, is the perfect upgrade for your space.

4. We produce it sustainably.

Our natural materials are harvested and made sustainably. Plus, the materials are Oeko-Tex Certified and include no harsh chemicals or dyes.

Do you love French Linen as much as we do? Let us know, and share your favorite colors with us on social media

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