Lounge Essentials, Elevated.

Made from Eucalyptus, our Tencel loungewear is breathable, soft, cozy, and versatile. Our pieces are available in four timeless, chic styles and colors to take your loungewear looks to the next level. As always, each of our tops, pants, and dresses are created with sustainability, comfort and style in mind. 

The Collection

What Makes Us Different

Comfort Meets Style

Timeless, chic shapes and an array of four modern, muted hues elevate any loungewear wardrobe. Plus, our ultra smooth and soft fabric plus four-way stretch make these pieces so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off.

A Revolutionary Fabric

We can’t sing the praises of Eucalyptus Tencel enough! Cooling, comfortable, luxuriously soft and naturally occurring, this material is designed for performance, and is crafted into clothing mindfully for an elevated style.

All About Sustainability

We love the planet, and we love the plants and resources used to create our products. That’s why we aim to create items, including our loungewear, with sustainable practices that conserve water, eliminate harsh and harmful chemicals and dyes, and that contribute to responsibly farmed eucalyptus forests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loungewear is clothing made for relaxation. Trendier and more formal than pajamas, loungewear can be worn in and outside of the home comfortably.

Yes, loungewear is often worn outside of the home as it's thicker in nature and more covering than some pajamas. We've also designed our loungewear in modern, on-trend silhouettes for this exact prupose.

Loungewear is more practical than sleepwear, as it often provides more coverage and offers more features (i.e. pockets) than sleepwear. Because of the thicker materials used, our loungewear is generally more durable than traditional sleepwear, and it maintains its softness over time.

Our loungewear is versatile, and can be styled as innerwear, outerwear or worn as pajamas. We have a feeling you’ll love our pieces so much, you’ll want to live in them!

Our materials are sourced in small batches and farmed responsibly in Central Europe, specifically Austria, and are certified to FSC® and PEFC™ sustainability standards. They are manufactured through a closed-loop process using organic solvents to ensure safety and sustainability through re-use.

Jogger pants are essentially normal styled pants with a looser top area and elastic bottoms to fit to your calves or ankles. While they are not completely tight/formitting, the fitted lower leg area makes them appear more form-fitting than sweatpants, while maintaining a loose, comfortable fit in the waist.

Our loungewear is made from Eucalyptus Tencel Lyocell, which is a sustainable, cooling fabric. Each piece also has four-way stretch, making it super comfortable and allowing the pieces to move with you no matter what stage you’re at in your day or night.

Our loungewear pieces are meant to mix and match, so we do not sell them as sets. This allows you to choose your best fit and color preferences for both tops and bottoms.

We offer a helpful size chart on each product page to help you determine your best fit. We do recommend sizing up if you are in between sizes. We find that many customers find that sizing up when between sizes allows a more comfortable, relaxed fit.

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