The Ultimate Sijo Bedding Care Guide

Great bedding is an investment. And when we invest in things that mean a ton to us, it's important to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. So today, we're sharing a comprehensive care guide for all of our bedding textile collections AND the "fills" as we call them (top of bed items like comforters and pillows). Grab a snack or some tea, because this is going to be a long (but important!) post. 

First, a few notes that relate to all items and collections.

1. We recommend skipping fabric softener. Why? It's not great for the finish of the fabric, and sometimes deposits a waxy residue on fabric that can cause discoloration, strange spots, or change in texture. This is a helpful tip for all laundry, too. 

2. Same goes with dryer sheets. We recommend skipping them for the same reasons as above. 

3. Cool water is key. We know what you're going to say, "things can't get clean in cool water." That's simply untrue. Many detergents are now formulated to provide a fantastic, intense clean even with cool water. 

4. Washing should occur every two weeks or so, and more frequently for pillow cases, especially if you're using skincare or body care items. If you use anti-acne products like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, we recommend choosing our lighter color bedding and/or using a towel on top of your pillow case so that bleaching from the active ingredients does not occur. 

5. Please wash these items with like colors, and avoid washing with items that include zippers, rough materials, or strong/harsh snaps. This can cause snags or tears in the fibers during the agitation of the wash process. We also do not recommend bleaching our bedding.

6. Natural fibers do tend to behave as natural fibers will. This means there may be some wrinkling. There may be some color variance in the flax linen. We have done our best to update our manufacturing process to ensure that our bedding stays as smooth as possible (including a stop to any pilling) when the proper washing techniques are used. 

Ok, let's dive right into our care guide by fabric.

How to Clean French Linen Bedding

Our French Flax Linen bedding can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cool water, and can be tumble dried on low, though air drying is preferred. These can also be steamed or gently ironed, but please note that linen, by nature, is a wrinkly fabric. 

A key thing to remember here is that linen is a natural fiber, so it behaves like a natural fiber would. These fabrics are durable, but are meant to be cared for gently in order to keep them in perfect condition for years. 

How To Clean Eucalyptus Bedding, Comforters & Pillows

Let's start with eucalyptus bedding: Again, this bedding is best washed on a gentle machine cycle, or hand-washed with your preferred detergent if you prefer that process. You can then hang-dry, tumble dry on low, or have them steamed. To reduce wrinkles, we suggest taking the items out of the dryer right away, or steaming after drying. You may also decide to dry clean your sheets and duvet cover as needed, but try to avoid doing this often.

Natural fabrics and fibers tend to wrinkle more than synthetics, and this might be something to be aware of in your product selection.

Some natural fabrics tend to pill with time. Fortunately, we have updated our manufacturing process to ensure that our bedding stays as smooth as possible when the proper washing techniques are used.

For our comforters, we definitely recommend sending this out for dry cleaning. This is a bulky item, even if it is a lightweight iteration. This will allow you to have a good, deep clean without overloading your washer and dryer. 

And finally, some tips on caring for our pillows: We recommend spot cleaning as needed with a mild detergent, and let air dry.

How to Clean CLIMA Bedding, Comforters & Pillows

Our newest collection, CLIMA, has a variety of fabrics and fiber types, and does need to be cleaned and looked after carefully. Here are our washing requirements and suggestions for this collection:

Bedding: Our CLIMA temperature regulating bedding can be machine washed on a cool water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low, and be sure to remove this from the dryer promptly. Please do not bleach, dry clean or iron this collection.

Comforter: We recommend having this comforter dry cleaned. It is a large item, and even with a high capacity dryer, this may impact the fluffiness and distribution of the comforter's fill. 

Pillow: The shell and filling of this pillow are meant to be cared for separately. You can machine wash your CLIMA cooling and supporting pillow shell on a cool, gentle cycle. This can be tumble dried on low, and should be removed promptly after drying.

To keep your pillow fill in top shape, spot clean as needed with a mild detergent, and let air dry.

How to Care for Mattress Pads/Protectors

Mattress pads and protectors are truly the guardians of your bedding system. These have fairly easy care steps, which will help make laundry day a bit simpler. For these items. machine wash on a cool water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low, and be sure to remove this from the dryer promptly. 

And there you have it! Our comprehensive, all-material care guide for Sijo bedding. As always, let us know if you have any questions on care! Don't forget that these can all be stored in their pouches should you rotate through sets. 

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