All About our Manufacturing Center

Just as sustainability and eco-friendliness are crucial to our brand, so is the fair treatment of our manufacturing staff. When our team made the choice of manufacturing center, a team member visited and ensured the center had the following practices in place:

1. All employees of this factory are paid fairly, with wages being quite high because our market is in a competitive industry.

2. Our manufacturer pays for endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, injury insurance as well as offering competitive maternity/parental leave and a Housing Provident Fund. We purposely chose a manufacturing center that had these allowances in place, and that is incredibly strict in following through on these benefits - they will incur severe fines for lack of compliance and for not allowing proper leave or benefits for the team members. Again, this is strictly enforced.

3. Our team and contact at the center ensure that any work hours considered overtime (such as on weekends or holidays) offer triple wages. For Lunar New Year, all workers have nearly one month of mandated vacation to offer them time and enjoyment with their families.

When our team members make changes to items, we also consult with our contact at the manufacturer and the manager of our manufacturing team to ensure that the changes will not cause too much strain on the staff.

The team understands that there are many misconceptions and also very fair qualms about overseas manufacturing. However, our management have done due diligence to choose the most effective, fair center. And, as mentioned, we have a team member in the area at the moment doing pop-in visits to ensure that there is follow through. Fair labor practices begin with the manufacturing centers, but without follow up and the brands taking responsibility, ensuring these practices is ineffective. This is why we're proud that both our team and manufacturing center work closely together to ensure fair treatment, fair pay, and competitive benefits for the employees who work so diligently to create our products.

We hope this information is helpful to you!

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