Anni and Jacob needed a nap.

When we began Sijo, our aim was to provide products and education to our customers that will lead them to better, healthier nights of sleep. Each day, we've worked to not only achieve this mission, but to innovate in the sleep and textiles spaces and engineer performance products that adapt to your body, serve your sleep needs, feel unbelievably comfortable and luxurious, and that of course remain sustainable to limit our impact on the planet. 

– Anni & Jacob


Anni Stromfeld and Jacob Xi

Exhausted by the proverbial grind, they did not take a good night’s sleep for granted. Drained and yearning for balance, they sought work that actually improved day-to-day living for an incrementally better life at large. They realized that overall wellness was made up of intentional decisions about the little things, down to the pillows we lay our heads on at night.

So, SIJO was born.

Named for a form of poetry and built on the belief that comfort can be engineered, SIJO sets out to create sensorially superior, sustainable sleep products conducive to quality rest, for better tomorrows.

We believe a good night’s sleep is well within reach.




Don’t sleep on sustainability.

Our commitment to exhaustive material research and vigilant sourcing results in a fleet of fabrics and fibers that are not only high-quality and high-performance, but are also ethically grown and manufactured, and environmentally efficient.

The SIJO Community's Impact

1% of every SIJO purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice. From our missions of innovation and sustainability to causes personal to our teams' hearts and communities, we've chosen these organizations because they align with the values of SIJO as a brand, and of each of us on the team.
Check out the impact the SIJO community (that includes you!) is making below.

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