What to Know About Natural Fabrics + Wrinkles

Creating the best ever sleep products from natural sources is our mission. 

With French Flax Linen, Supima Cotton, and TENCEL (made from cellulose), each of our bedding fabrics is natural. 

So, what does that mean for you? 

This means fabrics that are breathable, comfortable and of course, great for healthy nights of sleep.

One drawback: natural, plant-based fibers do tend to wrinkle much more than synthetics. Especially the sateen weaves (our TENCEL™ knits, like our SoftStretch lounge wear, have weaves that are less susceptible to wrinkling).

Laundry, unfortunately, can make that pesky wrinkle problem worse. Not fun if you're aiming to wash and jump right into your warm, cozy sheets. 

This is nothing to stress about, though. There are a few quick fixes, and we're sharing our top ways to combat wrinkling:

  1. Make sure your washer and dryer have the capacity for bulky or bedding specific washes - the more room, the less chance for the fabrics to bunch up and wrinkle. Heat makes this worse. Imagine bunching up any item and then applying heat - you know the solution will be heaps of wrinkles. 
  2. Make sure to shake out or "fluff" up bedding items before placing them in the dryer. Like the tip above, this helps to reduce the chance of bunching, which, with heat applied, can cause wrinkles. 
  3. Remove any of our sheets or bedding products from the dryer promptly to reduce the risk of further wrinkling. 
  4. Don't be afraid to steam the fabrics. Steamers are a great option for removing wrinkles on delicate fabrics, or for large or broad items. 
  5. If all else fails, sleep on it, literally. Use and sleep will smooth out any wrinkles from the wash and dry cycle. 

We hope this guide is helpful and allows you to set the stage for cuddling up with your favorite SIJO sheets! 

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