How To Have A DIY Spa Day At Home

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There are times when we all could use a little pampering. And these days, staying at home means this is a DIY activity. So, we're sharing our favorite ways to have a DIY spa day at home.

DIY Spa Day At Home Ideas

Spa Day Idea 1: Create an in-home spa experience.

Creating some ambiance will put you in the at-home spa mindset. Turn on relaxing music, wrap yourself in a cozy robe or loungewear, and prepare some fruit water. 

Spa Day Idea 2: Have a luxurious bath.

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Bath oils or powders are great, relaxing additions to any bath. They help relax the body and mind. Also, light a candle or two alongside your bath for some added ambiance.

Spa Day Idea 3: Give yourself a mini facial.

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At home, DIY facials are so much easier than you'd think! Start by thoroughly cleansing the skin with your favorite gentle cleanser. Then, prepare a bowl with steaming water (you don't want it to be too hot!) to steam your face.

You can make it a special, sensorial experience by adding a few drops of essential oils(3-5) to the steaming water, or even some loose leaf tea for fragrance. Follow up with a face mask. This can be one that you have around and have wanted to use up, or you can use a simple mask of organic or Manuka honey for about 15 minutes. Honey is both antibacterial and hydrating!

Once that is rinsed off, apply your favorite moisturizer. Give your face a little massage to make it an even better experience!

Our rollers and gua sha tools are perfect for this.


Spa Day Idea 4: Make time to primp.

Engage in your favorite beauty rituals if you have time. Paint your nails, shape your eyebrows, brush your hair, or simply enjoy a bit of rest.


Create Your Own Spa Day At Home

And there you have it! A dreamy spa day at home. We hope this helped you learn how to have a DIY spa day. Let us know if you enjoy these DIYs, and if you want to see more content like this from us via DM at @sijohome or via email at


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