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Welcome to Sijo Loves, a blog series all about our favorite wellness and self-care services and destinations. Next up: WTHN, an acupuncture and holistic health studio.

When we say we’re committed to a wellness-focused lifestyle here at Sijo, we mean it. Sometimes this means taking a few minutes to meditate throughout the day, or building sanctuaries in our homes using our products. But sometimes that means taking a visit to wellness centers or destinations in NYC that offer us an extra sense of self care.

After a very busy weekend and a few less than optimal weeks of health, I took a trip to WTHN, a wellness destination where, as the website describes, “ancient wisdom meets modern science.” I had never tried acupuncture before, and was beyond nervous. It absolutely did not help that it was scheduled first thing on a Monday morning. 

WTHN Founder Shari Auth

Dr. Shari Auth, WTHN Co-Founder. Image Courtesy @WTHN

But that’s the thing with trying something new -- even if it’s something that’s been on your list, you’re not always ready or excited for it. I had a great experience thanks to the kind staff and incredibly understanding and patient practitioner. Curious about my experience at WTHN? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Booking is the easiest experience. It’s all done through their site, and reminders/confirmation cues arrive beforehand via email and text. You don’t need to speak to anyone unless you’d like to. You are also prompted to fill in health information to help your practitioner understand your needs. I highly recommend making sure this is done ahead of time. 
  2. Enter with an open mind. I had heard so much about acupuncture from friends that I was certain I knew exactly what the experience would entail, which was not the case at all, and luckily so! My practitioner assessed my tongue and went through an extensive summary of my health concerns and my desired points of focus. This meant that the procedure would only take place on the affected areas, and not on my whole body and face like I was afraid it would.
  3. You should not be in pain. Yes, it’s going to pinch when a needle is inserted. It’s a needle, it won’t be pleasant. However, if pinching or pain persists, it might not be the right spot and your practitioner will adjust the placement, leaving you able to relax. 
  4. There are frills! A no-frills, straight to the point experience is sometimes exactly what I want. But when it’s with a new treatment that I’m nervous for, I like a little extra something to help me feel comfortable. WTHN has a vanity area with various skincare products and a station for water and tea before/after your appointment. There is never a rush to check out, so it’s certainly worth exploring some of the products and amenities they carry. 

At the end of my acupuncture session, my practitioner recommended ear seeding, which is the placement of small adhesive metal dots onto specific pressure points of the outer portion of the ears. This was unexpected and delightfully painless. The seeds stayed adhered for about five days, after which I removed them and lived life as normal.

WTHN Acupuncture Center

Image Courtesy @WTHN

Overall, I had an incredibly positive experience, and am very grateful for the patient and knowledgeable staff and practitioners at WTHN. 

Have you tried acupuncture before? Let us know how your experience was or where your favorite studios are!

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