Sleep Awareness Month Is Here!

Happy March!

March is Sleep Awareness Month, and because helping improve our customers' quality of sleep is crucial to us, this is an important time to highlight our mission, and to share why good nights of sleep are so important. So, what are the benefits? How can you improve your sleep?

We're here to tell you!

What can good nights of sleep do for the body?

Sleep is a phase that allows your body to reset and repair. Restful nights of sleep can reduce stress, improve the function of the immune system, improve skin, and more. When you're not sleeping enough, there can be detrimental long term effects to the body including many vascular-related issues. 

What can I do tonight to get a better night of sleep?

Sleep can be improved with some really simple steps. Simply putting your phone away or turning off screens an hour before bed are small things that you can do to improve your sleep quality immediately!

But, there are other activities such as journaling, meditation, and reserving your bedroom space for sleep only if you're able to. That means, if you can, keeping work, reading, snacking, etc. to another space in your home.

Are there any tools that can help improve my sleep?

Yes! We love pillow sprays (and we have a great DIY recipe here), dim, ambient lights, sound machines, and of course, comfortable bedding, including our Eucalyptus Lyocell Collection and French Linen Collection!

Want to see even more deep dives about sleep health? Follow along while we share them this month, and send us a message with any questions or articles you'd like to see from us. 

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