The Best Sheets For Hot Sleepers

Warmer weather is here, and many of us are likely starting to realize that sleeping is getting a little less comfortable. 

Whether you sleep warm all year, or it’s more of a seasonal occurrence, we’re here to help. Improving your quality of sleep is always our goal here at Sijo, and we have solutions for you, whether that is sheets for hot sleepers, cooling bedding fabrics, and even a new product (more on that later!).

What Happens To Hot Sleepers?

It’s happened to all of us at one point. You’re comfortable in bed, ready to fall asleep, and suddenly, you become restless. You’re warm. You kick off the blankets. Still warm. You kick off the sheets. Still warm. The fan and AC help, but you feel the desire to cuddle up into your sheets. They’re too warm, even still. We’ve been there. 

This happens because the body’s temperature changes at night. As people sleep, their core temperature lowers. The heat from the body needs to go somewhere, and because when many people sleep, they are in bed with blankets and sheets, that heat gets trapped in the bedding, which then makes the sleeper a little too warm. Some bedding actually contributes to this, which is why hot sleepers tend to look for options that are best for them.

So when we worked on developing our product lineup, creating cool sheets for hot sleepers was at the top of our list. Cooling, breathable, temperature regulating materials help create more comfortable sleep, and in super hot weather, in conjunction with your fan or air conditioner, allows you to have that cozy, cuddled up feeling without sweltering, or waking up coated in sweat (a true nightmare). 

What are the best sheets for hot sleepers?

Enter our Eucalyptus Bedding Collection, which includes the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers (don’t just take it from us -- we have hundreds of reviews from happy customers). Our Eucalyptus Sheets are made from 100% TENCEL™ lyocell material. These TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are made from a blend of eucalyptus and other wood sources from sustainably managed farms, and make a difference in the texture, feel, and cooling properties of our sheets. 

What are the benefits of lyocell material? 

  • They’re cooling. Imagine laying in bed and running your hand across the sheets and realizing they’re still nice and cool to the touch. That’s how this material feels. 
  • They are very breathable.An innate quality of this material is its ability to disperse, rather than trap body heat. 
  • They are antimicrobial. The fibers we use to create our bedding have antimicrobial properties. This makes them extremely hygienic, and unlikely to trap or create bad smells. 
  • The fabric is super smooth and soft. Smoothness and softness are especially lovely because it makes this material ultra comfortable while keeping you cool.

These are important properties to look for when choosing cooling bedding. Breathability is arguably a more important component than the cooling nature itself, because this is what helps regulate the temperature of your body and the material. As we’ve noted, our lyocell material doesn’t trap heat, which would make you a little too warm. It disperses it to keep you comfortable. And it’s been proven that staying cool at night contributes to an increased level of sleep quality.

It is important to also be mindful of the other items you’re using for bedding in order to get the best results. For example, are your pillows or duvet inserts using heat-trapping materials? Are they dense and heavy? This will not help you stay cool, so ensuring you are choosing other breathable materials, from your pillows to duvet inserts to mattresses themselves will be helpful. 

Does this mean the best duvet inserts, mattresses and pillows for hot sleepers need to all be made from the same material? No. But, it does mean you should take notice of the materials and fibers your items are made of to help contribute to a bed environment that stays cool and comfortable while you sleep.

We also have a few helpful tips for hot sleepers, to make the most of their newly comfortable bedding environment.

Top 4 Tips for Hot Sleepers

  • Don’t let heat linger in your space. If your bedroom gets a ton of natural light, first of all, congratulations, but this can make your space incredibly warm. Even in the winter, when there is sun coming through your windows, it will heat up your space. Consider closing the blinds or curtains a bit before you go to bed to naturally start the cooling process of your room. 
  • Use the fan or AC. Even if you don’t want this on all night, just 30 minutes of using your fan or air conditioner can help cool down your space in preparation for the night. 
  • Consider investing in a “bed AC.”Many companies are beginning to create products that cool down your bed, rather than the whole room. That way, your body can stay cool and your new cooling sheets can work effectively without freezing your whole room or living space. 
  • Try showering, or having a small rinse-off, at night. Have you ever noticed how sometimes, even in hot temperatures, when you take a shower in warm or hot water, you get out and feel a little cold? Taking a warm shower, or, if you’re not a night time shower person, a quick, warm rinse-off before bed might help cool you down and prepare you for a more comfortable night of sleep in your breathable bedding.

Comfort, overall, is the key in the journey to better sleep. And more often than not, our bedroom environments can contribute to restlessness, especially when it’s too hot night after night. We hope this has helped you identify the best sheets for hot sleepers like you or a loved one. And, if you’ve chosen our Eucalyptus Bedding Collection, we hope you enjoy many nights of cool, restful sleep. 

PS - our team always loves to hear from you! Let us know if you’ve tried our Eucalyptus Sheet Set, Duvet Cover, or Pillow Cases, or if you’ve discovered any additional helpful tips and tricks for cooler nights of sleep!

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