Tools For Better Sleep in 2021

After a difficult year in 2020 and a busy start to 2021, getting restful, restorative nights of sleep is a priority for many (it definitely is for me!). 

So, we're here to share a few tools to help improve your sleep. Read on to learn about our favorite things.

First up, and most obviously, it might be time to update your bedding. 

If you've had your bedding for a while, or are just looking to add something new into the mix, it's worth exploring some options for new bedding. Our French Linen bedding is excellent for all seasons, and its softness is unparalleled. A classic material, we offer this luxurious bedding collection in eight chic colors. 

Looking for something a little different? Warm sleeper? We've got you covered, too (literally)! Our Eucalyptus bedding collection has been a hit since we launched it last fall, and its smoothness and skin and hair benefits are extra perks. We also recently launched a new color, Ivory, so our assortment can mix, match and pair with any home decor. 

Next, let's talk about light and sound.

Some people prefer absolute darkness, but others like a little bit of light. Over the holidays, my parents got me a Dodow (you can learn more about it here), which is a combo light and breathing exercise device. This has helped me calm down and clear my head before I sleep, and it's such a nice practice to have while I'm curled up in my Eucalyptus bedding. 

Putting on a meditation from an app like Calm, or playing a bit of instrumental music might also be helpful in calming an overactive mind so you can get better nights of sleep. 

You might be asking, is there anything I can use before bed to help?

Yes, of course! We love journaling, so picking up a journal and notebook and following these prompts might be incredibly helpful.

We also find that comfy sleep clothing helps to trigger our minds to prepare for sleep. Our loungewear selection is great for mixing and matching (and looks SO CUTE with our bedding). 

There are also some little extras you can try to add some calm to your air and space.

A pillow spray is a great way to scent your bed and incorporate calming lavender into your routine. If you'd prefer to create something light and subtle yourself, we have a few DIY tips and tricks to create your own. 

And there you have it! A few tools to help you get your best sleep. What are your favorite tools for sleep? Let us know via email or on Instagram!

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