Tea by Sijo

Sijo promotes wellness and mindfulness in all forms, and that includes products you can taste! We’ve developed six tea blends to promote ultimate relaxation and health while still being absolutely delicious. Each of our teas promotes a specific purpose, and has been hand selected by our team. Created with primarily organic ingredients, these blends are not only good, but are good for you. 

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Soothing Herbs & Spices

Turmeric, chamomile, and other soothing herbs and spices are integrated into many of our tea blends to help you feel your best and most relaxed.

Thoughtfully Curated Blends

Choosing primarily organic ingredients for each of our herbal and caffeinated tea blends, the Sijo team has tasted and carefully curated this collection of tea to provide you with the best blends that fit into any stage of your day or night routine.

Herbal Tea vs. Lightly Caffeinated Tea

Herbal: Can be consumed any time of day, many contain healthful herbs, calming and warming.

Lightly caffeinated teas: Slightly increases wakefulness, light and complex flavor from tea leaves.

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