Top 5 Benefits of Burning Candles In Your Home

A brief history of the benefits of burning candles

Candles have been used as a source of light and to illuminate mankind’s celebrations for more than 5,000 years. According to the National Candle Association, the first candles were developed by ancient Egyptians who used rushlights, or torches, made by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat!

Although burning scented candles no longer provide a major source of light, they now continue to grow in use. From symbolizing celebration, signifying romance, soothing senses, defining ceremony and accenting the style of home decors! 

The top 5 benefits of burning candles

#1 - Aromatherapy

Some candles have the ability to make you relax, feel calm, energized and put your brain into a more productive mindset.

  • Lavender candles help ease your mind and relieve stress.
  • Eucalyptus candles are energizing and improve focus.
  • Lemon candles also energizing and can relieve anxiety and depression.

At Sijo we have several of these Sijo Scents and luxury aromatherapy products that you can purchase today. Click HERE to learn more.

#2 - Atmosphere

Here’s a fun fact for you: candles are known for their soothing, healing properties and are often used by therapists to create a peaceful atmosphere in their therapy rooms.

Think about it! The sheer act of lighting a candle, its lovely flicker and the gentle glow it creates, helps ease and soothe the mind. We recommend you give it a try the next time you are stressed out.

#3 - Decoration

We love that candles are a stylish way to add the finishing touch to any room in your house. We recommend using subtle colors that add a soft touch to any space; or you could totally go with bright, bold colors to really make an impact. The beauty of candles are that they are very versatile, come in a variety of styles and look great in every room.

Our candles come in a gorgeous, subtle yet immersive backdrop that will add to your space.

#4 - Health Benefits

Yep! Burning candles can actually be beneficial to your health. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care and taking care of your mind. We share more about creating a calm and peaceful home in this blog HERE. Want to hear something cool? If you ever feel enveloped by fear or anxiety, you can burn candles to help you cope.

#5 - Express Yourself

It’s normal that everyone has different tastes in fashion and music, so why can’t we normalize the fact that everyone has particular fragrance preferences and everybody smells scents differently! We encourage you to show off your individuality and personality by burning the scents that you love.

Want some good news? Our coconut wax candles burn for 50 hours!

More benefits of candle burning

Scented candles are absolutely divine for creating a calming and peaceful home! Our hand poured organic coconut wax scented candles are absolutely divine! From white tea & ginger to lavender, we have a scent to please you. You can order our Sijo Candles today!

So do you love candles as much as we do? Leave us a comment on one of our IG posts (@sijohome) and let us know!

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