Answering Your Sleep FAQs

Our team is passionate about sleep, and about creating a healthy home. And while this is a huge passion for everyone, we still had a ton to learn. In creating the brand, our team has gotten a great education on sleep, and we receive some great questions from you, our Sijo family, about what we know and ways we can help your sleep experience outside of our cozy products. So, today, we are sharing some of the sleep questions we're frequently asked, and sharing what we've learned in the brand creation process, what we've tried and found through our own experiences, and what we've learned from asking (too many) questions at our doctor's appointments. 

So, let's dive in. 


What can I do to have more nights of quality rest?

An element of our brand that is so important to us is the establishment of a routine. We know that life is a little different now, and spending more time at home isn't always helpful. So, separating your sleep space from your living space as much as possible is key, if you can do so. Working, snacking, watching shows, etc. should be done in a separate space. This allows you to establish the boundaries that help create a routine.

Then, once it's time to begin your night or wind down time, your routine can begin. We see this as a four part approach. Space, body, mind and rest. 

For space, we suggest closing down your work area, doing a bit of tidying up, or setting up your sleep area.

Then, it's time to calm your body. This could be a bath, shower, skin care routine, etc. If you're a morning shower person, your body calming activity could be some light stretching or yoga, or a cup of tea. 

Next is mind. We love journaling here at Sijo, and find that this is a way to clear our head of endless thoughts. Meditation is also a great way to prepare your mind for rest. 

Next is rest itself. Your space is set, and at this stage of the routine, it's important to create a set time to be in bed, put screens away, and focus on getting a night of great sleep.

A question we often get, that led us to developing one of our key products is this: What do I do if I'm a hot sleeper?

Studies have shown that sleeping in a dark, cool space improves your quality of rest. So, we suggest ensuring your space is cool, whether that means turning on a fan or opening a window, and using bedding that is breathable. Our sustainable, eco-friendly Eucalyptus Lyocell bedding is extremely breathable and naturally cooling, and our customers have had success with cooler and more comfortable nights of sleep. We also suggest that if pajamas are your thing, wearing natural fibers that breathe. 

What should I do if I keep waking up during the night?

It's important to assess why this is happening. Is it because your thoughts are racing? If so, keep a notebook beside your bed to write down your thoughts and clear your mind.

Is there something going on with your body? Sometimes, people experience stomach upset, need to use the bathroom often, or experience pain that prevents sleep. For issues like these, we strongly suggest consulting your doctor. We also recommend limiting liquid intake before sleep to help reduce waking up in the night to use the bathroom. If you've done that and this persists, we again suggest consulting your doctor.

Is there a way to learn what type of sleeper I am?

Yes! I, personally, have learned so much from reading and researching the findings of Dr. Michael Breus, a psychologist who specializes in sleep, and who shares information on sleep chronotypes, which details the kind of sleeper you are. He then provides tips on how to rest well based on your sleep type. I took his chronotype quiz (which you can try here) and learned that I am a Dolphin type, which aligns with elements of my personality. I now know the optimal bed times and wake up times for me, and have seen so much improvement. This is also a great way to learn about your spouse, partner, or significant other's sleep type to ensure you're both setting each other up for restful nights. 

The most important thing to take away is that consistency is key. Developing and sticking to a routine and a bed time will make a tremendous improvement in your quality of sleep.

How does sleep help my body and how can a lack of sleep hurt it?

Sleep truly does so much. It's the time your body has to repair itself and do many of its maintenance functions. Outside of recharging and re-energizing you, sleep improves your immune system, aids in productivity, repairs tissues, improves your mood, and more. But sleep loss can cause many issues. These include high blood pressure, increased tendency for diabetes, weight gain/retention, impaired judgement, increased chance of infections because of lowered immune system, and more. There was a period of time where I just kept getting sick, and I wasn't sleeping enough to repair my body and let myself heal because the appearance of being busy and productive and on the go were more important to me than my health. My doctor explained the above benefits of sleep and risks I had from my lack of sleep, and it really opened my eyes to how important it is to rest!

With this information and our super comfy, high performing bedding, you'll be set for restful nights of sleep. Even better, our duvet covers were just named among the best of 2021 by the Sleep Foundation!

Have more questions for us? Be sure to let us know, or follow along on social media @sijohome!


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