Are French Linen Sheets Worth It?

Are linen sheets worth it? We explore whether you should get linen sheets

We’re lucky to live in a time where we have so many choices available to us, right at our fingertips, for nearly any consumable material. That means when we think of bedding, it can get overwhelming.

There are so many choices. What materials do I want? What price point? Do they have colors I like? Is the quality worth the price? And when the more luxury or higher end materials come into play, cost begins to be an even bigger factor.

At Sijo, we aim to answer all of our customers’ questions, and one we get often from customers (and, if I’m being totally honest, one I get from friends and family all the time) is this: Are French Linen sheets worth it?

Short answer: yes. 100%. Actually, 1000%.

Now, am I just saying that because I’m biased? No. Really! And so, I have some proof for you. 

Small Batch Sourcing

In the interest of sustainability and quality control, we small batch source our linen bedding. This allows us to only use what we need for a specific production run (fancy term for the products we’re selling at a given moment), and allows us to check for the quality of the raw material much more easily.

This comes from the Normandy region of France, which, followed by Belgium, is a top location for sourcing high quality linen. When you start with an incredible raw material, the likelihood of a worthwhile, quality product is higher. 


You may be thinking what else is there? What other factors tell me: are French Linen sheets worth it?

Well, there’s the objective measure of durability, or GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter (or metre if you’re fancy) and is a value that measures the weight of the material.

Linen, having a long fiber, generally sits in the range of 150 GSM, however, ours ranges from 175-180 GSM, making our linen extremely durable while maintaining softness. Which is ideal if you’re looking for comfortable bedding that will last. 

Fiber Length

You may have noticed that I mentioned linen is a material with longer fibers. Why is that important? In textile production, a longer length of the fiber leads to a longer lasting, higher value product.

This is one of the reasons linen is a sought after material, and why it often comes with a high price point. This measure alone makes French linen sheets well worth the investment. 

Softness & Luxury

This is where things get a little more subjective. Many people have their own way of defining a material’s softness, but I. LOVE. LINEN. It is soft and just continues getting softer and more comfortable every time it’s washed.

We do stone wash our linen ahead of time so it gets to you nice and cozy, but it just gets better and better with time. Softness and weight combine to create a luxurious product. Plus, the eight color options ensure there is a fit for every space. 

So, after all of that, are French Linen sheets worth it? We definitely say yes, and invite you to try them!

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