Clean Market NYC: A Wellness Destination That Sijo LOVES in 2020

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Welcome to Sijo Loves, a new blog series all about our favorite wellness and self-care services and destinations. Today, we begin with a review of Clean Market, one of team member Elise's favorite places in NYC.

Enter: Clean Market NYC

Close your eyes for a second, and imagine your own personal wellness heaven. 

When I do this, I imagine a place with all of my favorite things. Smoothies, beauty products, facials, an infrared sauna. Clean Market has all of these things and more, tucked away in the Midtown East area of Manhattan. It’s a surprising sanctuary in the midst of the truest chaos I’ve ever known. 

Clean Market

Image Courtesy of Clean Market

I love this place. I am there literally all the time.

Clean Market NYC Review for 2020

My favorite part of Clean Market is the infrared sauna area, which had been a staple for me as I recovered from a foot and ankle injury, and has continued to be one of my favorite things as we moved from summer into fall. 

Each sauna is housed in a private room, which is lovely and relaxing and dimly lit. You can change the coloring of the LED lights inside each sauna, and other amenities include a robe, slippers, towels, makeup remover/facial wipes (use them gently and with care!) and of course, plenty of water. 

Benefits of the Clean Market NYC Sauna

For me, the physical benefits of the sauna are not important. I don’t think about detoxing because your liver and kidneys are in your body to do the work for you! But sweating and the extra water intake help those organs function optimally, and that’s very important. My skin has this insane glow for the next day or so, and I usually go makeup free if I can.

Far more important in my mind are the mental benefits. The saunas do help me focus on just being for 30 minutes. I don’t listen to music (although you can -- each sauna has a heat safe compartment with an AUX so you can listen to music or podcasts). I just sit with my thoughts (scary, I know!) and relax. It’s great for my muscles after a workout or a marathon of hauling grocery bags up four flights of stairs to my apartment.

And it’s time just for me; I simply enjoy my time and the warmth. 

Unique things at Clean House NYC

For those of you who are a little more ambitious in the wellness space, there are also IVs from NutriDrip that allow you to gain a boost of hydration, recover from a hangover, or add a little vitamin C into your life. 

Clean Market

Image Courtesy of Clean Market

Visit a Clean Market NYC for a wellness boost this year!

Overall, it’s a wonderful space that’s a great foray for those beginning a journey to self care or wellness, and is certainly a haven for those who are already deeply entrenched in those spaces. If you’re in New York, or planning to visit, it’s a spot I highly recommend!

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