Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Eco-Friendly Luxury Bedding

Becoming a conscious consumer is a goal many people have lately. It’s not only a personal value, but an entire mindset to focus on quality, sustainable products. For a while, environmental friendliness was the primary focus of brands that create household cleaning products and personal care products, but has since extended to many industries, including ours -- bedding and home textiles! Sustainability has been at the core of our brand since the we began, and when our only product was our eco-friendly sheets made from linen. Eco friendly bedding has since become our star item, and while it is an investment for our customers, it is one that’s well worth it. Today, we’re sharing our top 8 reasons to invest in eco-friendly luxury bedding!

What makes bedding sustainable or eco-friendly?

This is based on the sourcing of the materials, the manufacturing process, and the packaging. Using materials that don’t require much water, recycling solvents, using spare fabric with an up-cycled purpose are all ways a brand like ours can be sustainable. Also, partnering with companies and suppliers that take the environment into consideration is helpful. The actions that go into creating the bedding products are what make a brand eco friendly just as much as the raw materials themselves. 

With that said, it’s time to share why eco-friendly luxury bedding is such a worthwhile investment.

The Top 8 Reasons To Invest In Eco-Friendly Luxury Bedding

  1. It’s non-toxic and uses no harmful chemicals.“Toxic” and “chemicals” have become very nasty words over the past few years. But it’s important to understand that everything is composed of chemicals. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the medications you take. What is important to remember is that some chemicals are harsher and more harmful than others. When it comes to choosing eco-friendly bedding, brands that stray away from harmful chemicals are safe and non-toxic. This also contributes to preserving the environment, as harsh chemicals are bad for ecosystems.
  2. Sustainability promises are followed through. Brands who truly integrate sustainable principles into their brands, and follow through on them, have a natural propensity to be friendly to the environment. Being mindful of water consumption, product or manufacturing waste, and recycling when and where they can are eco-friendly practices that fulfill sustainability promises. At Sijo, this is crucial for us. We cannot feel comfortable creating products meant to build a healthy home environment without knowing that our processes, partners and suppliers are helping us create sustainable products that last. 
  3. They choose natural fibers and innovative materials. Natural fibers are excellent, not only because they are absorbent, durable, and feel lovely, but because they reduce the usage of crude oils and other environmentally harmful manufacturing processes. Innovative, plant-based materials are also excellent choices as they require less water than many manufacturing processes, and can be made using organic solvents, which, in closed-loop processes, are recycled, meaning less waste is created. 
  4. Ethics matter. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are built on transparency and following an ethical code for product creation. Partnering with facilities and raw materials suppliers that treat their teams fairly, that do not contribute to deforestation, and who stick to their company values is crucial to us. 
  5. Super soft fabrics are standard. When it comes to any bedding, softness and comfort matter. Brands who are mindful of the environment tend to also be mindful of other important factors for customers, such as sizing, color assortment, and of course, comfort and texture. Luxury bedding delivers on quality, and softness is a huge measure of that. Scratchy, uncomfortable bedding is not bedding that’s slept in, and that can lead to product waste! Creating the best possible sleep experience with supremely soft materials is a standard we refuse to compromise on.
  6. It includes benefits that help improve sleep. Luxury bedding often uses fabric making technology that allows for helpful benefits. Cooling properties, antimicrobial properties, luxurious smoothness, a durable but lightweight feel and more are hallmarks of high end bedding. This also allows you to sleep more comfortably, because breathability and temperature regulation keep you from waking up in the night from excessive warmth.
  7. It’s made to be durable. Strong, durable fibers are a sign of quality material...literally! Our bedding is made to withstand the test of time, and many, many nights of sleep. Our linen and lyocell bedding are woven to be extremely durable without sacrificing any softness. It’s the best of both worlds. 
  8. Style and aesthetics are important.Just because something is eco-friendly doesn’t mean it can’t be impossibly chic. Eco-friendly bedding comes in many forms, but we have created a color assortment of updated neutrals and slight pops of color that pair well with each other, and with many varying decor styles. We aim to provide our customers with products that match their values, that are priced accessibly, and that help create a beautiful sanctuary within their homes.

In the creation of the products, safe, nontoxic chemicals and solvents are used, making each item safe for the skin, hypoallergenic, and overall creates a healthier experience. 

Where To Find High Quality Eco-Friendly Bedding

So, if you’re ready to invest in this luxury bedding, where can you find it? Right here on our website! You can click through to discover the French Flax Linen Bedding Collection, or the Eucalyptus Bedding Collection. Both are healthy, safe, and Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Certifications like this are helpful ways to know that the materials and fabrics you buy to use in any room of your home lend themselves to a safe and healthy environment. 

We hope this has helped you understand what a great investment eco-friendly luxury bedding can be. As always, feel free to email or message us with any questions about our product selection, materials, or colors.

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