A Guide To Body Relaxation Techniques

When our mind is agitated, our heart racing, and our breath hard we might be stressed or experiencing anxiety. For this reason, there are steps you can take to help your calm your mind, get a hold of your emotions, and relax your body.


At the core of all relaxation techniques is the pure and simple action of breathing in and out. It is effective at calming down stress out of mind and body and it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Find a quiet and safe room. Your room is suitable. You can stay in your bed or on the floor, sitting or lying down. Place your hands on your bellow and feel it rise and fall with each breath. Inhale to three counts, hold for three counts, and then exhale for three counts. Repeat this five to ten times, or until you feel relaxed and calmed down.

I use this technique especially right before I go to bed to help my mind and body relax for sleep.

Releasing physical tension

When you feel physically and mentally stressed, besides breathing techniques, you can also try to relieve some of the physical tension in your body in your mind. You will need a quiet and safe place to do this.

Lay down on a bed or sit up straight on a chair with back support. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes. Slowly release your muscles, starting from the top of the head and moving slowly down to the toes. While doing this, notice how the sensation of the body changes.

I find that this technique is especially helpful after doing a good workout which tends to tighten many of our muscles. It can also serve as a good recovery period.

Writing your thoughts down

One of the reasons people get stressed is due to pent up emotions. Getting them out can be a great way to relax the body and calm the mind down. Writing it down in a diary or a journal has helped countless people relax. Experts have surmised that a large portion of people tend to focus on the negative when they encounter a tough situation. Focusing on the positives and then writing them down can help the mind and body get rid of stress.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings is an activity I do when I catch myself tense and agitated. Even when I don't have a pen and paper with me, writing it down on my Notes app is more than enough to help me sort through my emotions.

Connecting to nature

Another great way to relax the body, calm the mind and realign our thoughts would be with the help of nature. This is one reason why there is a lot of people who are going on hikes, going camping, or going to the beach every chance they get. Even a nice walk down an old country road can be a relaxing activity. 

Communing with nature helps us achieve a sense of peace that we don't normally get from our day to day lives.


Lily Brooks is an informative content writer.

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