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Me Time Bath Bundle

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Make time for me-time! Whether you treat yourself or want to gift a loved one, this is the perfect bath & body kit for when some me-time is needed!. This dreamy set includes aromatherapeutic body care from Therapie to create a sense of inner calm.


Our bath bundle includes three luxurious items from Therapie, including the Boost Natural Hair & Body WashHimalayan Detox SaltsEquilibrium Bath & Shower EssenceRestore Aura Spray, and a choice of body or face brush handcrafted by Swedish artisans from all natural horsehair.

Boost Natural Hair & Body Wash - The perfect way to streamline your routine, this hair and body product is both cleansing and intensely therapeutic. Inhale the aromatic blend of essential oils for a little relaxation, and smooth over the hair and body with your hands for a comforting clean. 

Himalayan Detox Salts - Detox from a busy day with these bath salts. A handful in a warm bath is the perfect remedy to stress and tension. A tingling sensation helps you know your soak is complete.

Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence - Relaxing blend of oils make this in-shower moisturizer a must-have product. Simply place in your hands, inhale the scent of the soothing oils, and smooth over the body.

Restore Aura Spray - Refresh & reset your day and space. This blend of essential oils and crystal essences re-energizes your space, clears negativity, and helps banish stress.


Brushes: oil-treated oak and horsehair


Enjoy these body products in the shower or bath, and spray the Aura spray onto your pillow, into your room of choice, or to freshen the air around you.

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