All About Sijo CLIMA

High tech, innovative, and perfect for sleepers year-round, Sijo CLIMA is the next generation of temperature regulated bedding

And understandably, like with many new or exclusive technologies, you have questions. We've noted them, gotten together with our team, and have the definitive guide to your CLIMA questions. Ready? Let's dive into it.

Temperature & Fabric

How does the CLIMA temperature regulating comforter or textiles differ from standard bedding?

Most standard comforters and sheets are not made from adaptive, phase changing materials like our CLIMA cooling comforter. Our particular technology is exclusive to Sijo, and allows for our product to have temperature control. Further, we mind small details like having attachment loops/points to pair with our duvet covers.

Can the comforter be used for all seasons?

Yes, the adaptive nature of the CLIMA bedding collection makes it a great choice for all seasons. This material can absorb heat when your body temperature is too warm, and releases it back to you when you’re a little too cool, meaning that you’ll be comfortable in whatever climate or season you are in.

How can I stay cool while sleeping?

Creating a bedding system with breathable, adaptive materials is the best way to stay cool when sleeping. When bedding products work together, there is a better chance of airflow circulating throughout the fabric to keep you at a comfortable sleeping temperature. Sleeping in lightweight pajamas or clothing also aids in the cooling process. 

Is the fabric of the Sijo CLIMA collection soft and comfortable?

Yes, like all Sijo bedding, the CLIMA collection is incredibly soft. The shell is made from a TENCEL and Mica Nylon blend, making is supremely smooth and soft. The light fluffiness makes it comfortable as well, almost like being enveloped in a cloud.  

What is the thread count of this bedding?

Thread count is not a regulated or accurate measure of quality or softness. While we prefer other attributes and markers, we do have thread count information for these textiles, which is 300.

Is this bedding eco friendly?

We work to create sustainable products across our ranges. From our start with responsibly sourced plant materials to our organic solvents and a closed loop manufacturing process, our sheets are made to be eco-friendly.

How do I know if CLIMA is right for me?

Because of the phase changing material and the tech within the bedding, this is adaptive for many kinds of sleepers. If you sleep cool or warm, this will be a comforting collection of bedding that helps to keep you at your ideal temperature. Couples LOVE this bedding as it's equally comfortable if one partner sleeps hot and the other sleeps cool. A win-win!


What type of sleeping positions is the CLIMA pillow best for?

The CLIMA cooling & supporting pillow is best for back and side sleepers. 

How often should you change latex pillows?

Our latex pillows are designed to last years! Please be sure to follow cleaning instructions to keep this fresh.

Will the CLIMA latex pillow ever flatten?

No, the latex core keeps this pillow lofty and bouncy - it won’t fall flat.

Can I sleep on this latex pillow if I have allergies to latex?

We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before considering any items that contain something you may be allergic to. 

What kind of support does this latex pillow offer?

This pillow offers medium/firm support. 

Mattress Pad

What is the purpose of a mattress pad?

A cooling mattress pad adds an extra layer of softness and comfort to a bed. It is also used to protect the mattress beneath it, as this is much simpler to clean than the mattress itself.

What are the benefits of a soundless mattress pad?

A soundless mattress pad stays in place and does not create strange or loud noises when moving during sleep.

Is the CLIMA mattress pad waterproof? Does it protect the mattress, too?

The CLIMA mattress pad has a waterproof bottom layer to protect mattresses, though the top layers do have some absorbency. This mattress pad is designed for both comfort and to protect mattresses.


How do I wash and care for my CLIMA bedding?

Comforter care is incredibly important. To ensure this remains clean, wash on a gentle, cool water cycle and tumble dry on low. Remove from the dryer promptly, and fluff if needed. We do not recommend bleach, fabric softener, scent beads or dryer sheets/balls. If your washer does not have a high capacity drum, we kindly suggest sending this out for cleaning.

As far as the textiles, please machine wash these sheets on a cool cycle with a mild detergent. We recommend tumble drying on low. Wash with like colors, and avoid bleach or items that include snaps, zips, or other snagging materials. We kindly recommend skipping scent beads, fabric softener, and wool dryer balls/dryer sheets.

Our full care guide can be found here

We hope this has been helpful, and that you've learned a little bit more about our incredible new collection. If you've tried Sijo CLIMA, let us know what you think in a review! 

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