Eucalyptus vs CLIMA: Which comforter is best for you?

With our textiles being such a hit, and getting many requests for comforters, we were so thrilled to launch our very first comforter/duvet insert in June. Now, with two super soft, comfortable options, you may be wondering if our Eucalyptus Down Alternative or CLIMA All-Season (also a down alternative option) comforter is best for you.

The Eucalyptus Cooling Comforter

Our Eucalyptus Down Alternative Comforter is made from TENCEL™ lyocell fiber, both on the exterior shell and within the filling. With the luxuriously soft and smooth texture of our sheets, this comforter helps keep you cozy each and every night. 

This option is our lighter weight comforter, and is best for hot or warm sleepers, or those in warm climates. It pairs perfectly with any of our duvet covers, and has side and corner loops to attach to your favorite duvet cover. 

The CLIMA All-Season Comforter

The newest addition to our Sijo bedding range, CLIMA is a special fiber, exclusive to us, that can help regulate temperature. Basically, it's the smartest comforter on the market, a true bedding revolution!

Here's how it works - the fibers are created with technology that allows heat to be absorbed and held, so that you stay cool. And if ever your temperature dips and you're too cold, the fabric can release the warmth back to your body. No more sleeping with one leg out, one in!

This is a bit fluffier, making it great for all seasons, and AWESOME for couples who sleep at different temperatures. Each comforter pairs with all of our duvet covers, but this goes extra well with our CLIMA collection bedding. 

Like the Eucalyptus cooling comforter, this has side and corner loops, and is made with a down alternative fill. 

We hope this helps guide you toward your best comforter. If you've tried them, be sure to let us know your thoughts on social, or by reaching out to our Care Team at

Wishing you many amazing nights of sleep! 

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