Holiday Self Care 101

The holidays can be a stressful time. With parties, and gift buying, and traveling, and potentially hosting, this is a time of year that is, without fail, busy.

So how do you enjoy the festivities and also maintain a good headspace? 

We have a few tips to help you get centered and calmed so you can take on everything the season has in store. 

1. Make sure to make time for you.

Repeat after me: It is not selfish to take time to recharge. It's just like when you're on a plane and the attendants say, "Put on your mask before assisting others." It's not selfish to take care of yourself -- you can't be there for everyone in your life if you're not there for yourself, too!

2. Meditate, or take some time to do calming deep breathing. 

One of the easiest ways to calm the mind is to be still and meditate. Repeat your favorite mantra, follow along with a guide on the app, or simply sit and list the things that make this season wonderful, or what you're grateful for. Engaging in a little deep breathing with calming essential oils can also be a great help!

3. Try to get enough rest.

Parties and drinks and food and festivities can be a lot on the body. Making sure there's time to get a full night of sleep will help keep you refreshed and stress-free all season long. It also helps to have a super comfy bed to jump into, and our Eucalyptus and French Linen materials definitely do the trick.

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4. Remember how wonderful it is to be surrounded by your family, chosen family, and/or friends.

The holidays can be stressful, and family/friend time can be stressful, but it's wonderful to be able to gather together with the people you love and celebrate the year that is passing and the new year to come. 

5. Don't set unrealistic expectations for yourself. 

You're incredible, but you're not superhuman. Remember that you can accomplish your shopping list, conquer that meal, or throw the party of the year. But don't compromise your health and wellbeing in the meantime. If that means scaling back on events, or only participating in a couple activities, so be it. It'll make those things even more special for you, which is a plus! 

We hope this helps you get through the holiday season with a little extra peace of mind!

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