Sheet Thread Count Myth: Everything You Need To Know

We are constantly being asked about the thread count of our TENCEL™ lyocell and French linen sheets. And, that’s a natural question to receive from you as customers -- we know that quality is important to you, because it’s crucial for us.

However, having a high thread count doesn’t always mean having a high quality sheet. Sheet thread count myths have been around for a while, and we’re here to clear things up. 

What Does Thread Count Mean?

Number one, and most important for you to remember as a consumer: thread count is not a guideline that is regulated by the FTC.

That means arbitrary numbers can theoretically be assigned to products, and that just means that solely focusing on thread count is a marketing tactic. It also means that thread count is a much less objective measure of a product than many of us initially thought. 

Is There A Best Thread Count For Sheets?

So, if this sheet thread count myth really exists, what are good indicators of quality?

Great question. At Sijo, we focus on the sustainability of the production process, the durability of the material, the safety in manufacturing, the softness of the fabrics, and the health benefits they provide. And of course, some measurements differ based on the materials we offer.

The 1000 Thread Count Sheet Myth

For example, linen used in products like French linen bedding is measured by something called GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. This measures the density and weight of fabric, which also can be a sign of how durable the material is.

Many brands have a GSM of 150, however ours is in the range of 175-180. While we’re proud of that, we also focus on the characteristics listed above, like sustainability, safety of production and softness as quality markers. 

Do Bamboo Sheets Have A Thread Count?

Bed sheets made from TENCEL™ lyocell can use thread count as a measure, however, a much lower thread count measure would be equivalent to a high thread count measure for cotton due to the natural softness of the lyocell material.

So, while we could use that measure here, we stray from that sheet thread count myth to focus more on durability, quality, material safety, safety in our production process, eco-friendliness, and, like linen, softness. 

What Is A Good Thread Count For Sheets?

Savvy consumers are beginning to understand that there are so many more components to bedding than just thread count, which, again, is an unregulated quality measurement.

Instead, we encourage you to research the brand, ask us questions, and to shift the mindset of quality measures to the feeling, health benefits, and safety of the material.

We hope this article helped clear up the sheet thread count myth for you!

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