Sijo's Dream Bamboo & French Linen Bedding Color Pairings

Something we get asked often is which of our bedding colors pair well with one another. Of course, the colors you choose may depend on your space, but we have a few suggestions as well as a few selections that have been popular with our customers that we're excited to share with you. These color combinations are great whether you're choosing our sustainable Bamboo bedding or our French Linen bedding. Ready to see the perfect pairs?


Our Forest bedding looks great with our more neutral sheets: think Dove, Snow or Fog. Above, we've paired our Forest duvet cover with Fog sheets.


Blush looks great with a variety of colors. We love it with Snow as pictured above. Many customers also pair it with Dove, Slate for some dark contrast, or Fog.


Blue on blue looks lovely for both Bamboo and French Linen, and we see that many customers choose to pair Sky and Night together. Night also looks great with Dove, Fog (as pictured) or Snow.


When it comes to our Slate bedding, customers tend to love to keep it neutral. Dove, Fog and Snow are the most popular pairs. 


Fog is a more complex color since it has creamy tones and grey tones. It pairs well with most of our colors as a sheet, and it pairs with itself, of course (as pictured), but is a fun combination as a duvet cover. It pairs well with Blush, Dove, and Snow, but it also looks fun with Sky sheets peeking out! 

Just because these are listed as some favorite pairings doesn't mean you shouldn't take a creative spin on this yourself! Let us know what your favorite bedding combinations are, and which materials of ours you like to mix and match. 

Don't forget, you can shop our French Linen bedding here and our sustainable Bamboo bedding here

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