Spring Cleaning Tips for 2020: How To Refresh Your Home

Now that it fully feels like Spring, it's time for the requisite ritual that is Spring Cleaning.

It's not as daunting as it seems: setting a time to organize and sanitize your home will leave you feeling refreshed and calm. 

So, we're sharing our best spring cleaning tips for 2020, especially considering the slightly more strict requirements for sanitizing items that come into your home. Ready to learn how to refresh your home?

Tip 1: Pick a room to begin with, and move through the home one room at a time.

Daunting tasks are often made less daunting by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. That means picking one room (we suggest the scariest, toughest one) and moving through your home room by room.

Tip 2: Decide what to donate, keep, or dispose of.

Make an effort to decide what is truly important to have, and what you no longer need. Items that are no longer needed or are outgrown can (and should) be donated if they are in good condition. Be sure to rid of or recycle any clutter that has accumulated. This tends to happen with spare boxes, gift bags, etc. and many of these items can be recycled.  

Tip 3: Give love to those often overlooked spots.

Sometimes, baseboards, door frames, tile grout, shower drains, etc. can be overlooked. Now is the time to get at those areas and ensure they are clean and dust free. It may seem daunting at first, but it will give the extra bit of freshness to your space.

Tip 4: Mind your bedding.

Cleaning your space might create some extra dust around your bedroom. Take a bit of extra time to wash your bedding according to our bedding care guide and bamboo wash guide.

Tip 5: Add some aromatherapy.

Nothing feels better than lighting a candle or using a lovely essential oil based room spray at the end of a cleaning spree. It provides your home with a fresh scent and a bit of cozy warmth. 

What are your best tips and tricks for Spring cleaning?

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