The Dos and Don’ts of Essential Oils

Essential oils are incredible, natural wonders. They are used for fragrance purposes, as aromatherapy, and can be found in a wide variety of products. 

When used properly, these potent, pure oils can aid in creating a sense of calm, relieving symptoms of migraines, defending against colds and flus. But to take in the helpful effects, these oils need to be used and mixed with care. So, we’ve outlined a few key Dos and Don’ts to help you make the most of our essential oils

Let’s start with the Dos:

Do: Dilute essential oils. Nebulizing diffusers don’t require dilution, but regular use in diffusers and use in custom blends or cleaning/body care products require water dilution or a carrier oil. 

Do: Carefully consider which blends or oils will be best for you. Do you have migraines? Blends with lavender might be best. Do you have a cold? Blends with eucalyptus might be best. There are plenty of varieties of oils, and we carry specialized blends that serve many purposes. 

Do: Use your diffuser regularly. Simply add 5 - 10 drops to water for the traditional diffuser or 5 - 10 drops of the essential oil directly into the nebulizing diffuser for hours of aromatherapy. 


And now, some things we don’t recommend: 

Don’t:You should avoid using certain essential oils on the body if you will be in/near direct sunlight. Certain citrus-based oils can cause photosensitivity and increase the chance for sunburn, and should be avoided at times when you will be in direct sunlight. 

Don’t:Don’t use certain essential oils while pregnant. In the first trimester, we honestly recommend to steer clear entirely. Once you get to the second trimester, you can use some (think: lavender, chamomile, peppermint). However, spiced oils like cinnamon and clove or even oils like jasmine should be avoided as they may cause false or early contractions.


We hope this gives you a few helpful hints on how to best use our essential oil blends! Let us know which is your favorite, and if you want to see any single scents from us in the future!  

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