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Himalayan Detox Salts

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Himalayan Salt Bath

Detox from a busy day with these bath salts. A handful in a warm bath is the perfect remedy to stress and tension. A tingling sensation helps you know your soak is complete.


What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan Salt contains many beneficial minerals that are not found in "normal" salt. Himalayan soaking salts help aid hydration, help prevent muscle cramps and aches, and even has been known to help lower blood pressure. The ultimate way to relax in a hot bath!

What is so special about Himalayan salt?

Himalayan Salt contains calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium which results in a lower sodium content, and more natural benefits for your skin and body balance.

Is Himalayan salt good for your skin?

When using Himalayan Soaking salts, your skin will naturally absorb the minerals and trace elements for therapeutic effects and benefits. Help soften and hydrate your skin, and relieve cramped muscles and pain in joints. Reduce inflammation and heal naturally all while relaxing the night away!

About The Brand

Roques Oneil provides only the highest quality Himalayan Salts to help you detox naturally


Himalayan Detox Salts


Use a handful of Himalayan Detox Salts in a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes to an hour

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