Exclusive to Sijo, we designed our textiles with proprietary CLIMA technology to keep you at your perfect temperature throughout the night, storing heat when you’re warm, and releasing it back when you get cool.

The CLIMA fiber is a Phase Change Material (PCM) that can absorb and release heat due to the patented manufacturing process of the fabric and fibers. This keeps your body at the optimal temperature for sleep, which is between 82 and 89° F, because the bedding is able to trap in and store heat to keep you cool, and can disperse that heat back toward the body should you need a bit more warmth.

Sijo CLIMA Fiber Technology

This is great for hot, warm and cold sleepers as the fabric and fill for this collection are thermal regulating, which will keep you at the optimal skin temperature for high quality sleep.

We offer a comforter, pillows, mattress pad, sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases in this collection. The CLIMA fabric and fillings are breathable and temperature regulating, and work beautifully as a system to maximize your comfort as you sleep.

Yes! Although we recommend pairing the CLIMA Mattress Pad with other bedding items, including comforter, sheets and pillows, from our CLIMA collection to achieve the amplified temperature-regulating effect, you can also check out our luxurious and hypoallergenic Eucalyptus Collection

CLIMA Mattress Pad

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