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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating linen fabric from the raw materials can be a time and labor intensive process, as this is a high quality, long fiber material. In order to fairly compensate all those involved in the farming and responsible manufacturing of our linen, the cost of the final product goes up higher than some other materials. But, with the price comes an extremely durable, high quality product.

Yes! Linen sheets are made from a high quality raw material, and feature superior weight and softness when compared with some other materials.

Markers of quality linen sheets include the GSM measurement, or grams per square meter, which denotes weight (ours is between 175-180). Durability, the sourcing of raw materials, and the manufacturing process can also show if linen sheets are of good or high quality.

While many customers prefer to wash their new bedding before use, it is up to personal preference. We personally recommend washing them before first use once you've confirmed the color and texture are suitable for you.

Sheets should be washed fairly frequently, and we suggest washing them once a week. If you're not a warm sleeper or don't sweat during sleep, you may be able to wash them every two weeks.

When well taken care of, our linen sheets can last decades.

Linen sheets are absolutely worth the price. While this material is slightly less traditional in bedding and may not be for everyone, they are a high quality material that softens with time and feels absolutely luxurious.

French Linen Sheet Set

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