DIY Essential Oil Projects

Essential oils have many wonderful uses, especially when it comes to aromatherapy. But, did you know there are a few great ways to utilize them in your home and for your textiles outside of using an essential oil diffuser? Below, we share a couple easy DIY essential oil projects to get the most out of your Sijo essential oils.

DIY Essential Oil Recipes & Projects For Pets

One thing we do want to share, though, is that not all essential oils, diffused or used otherwise around the home, are safe for pets. Please consult on pet-safe oils with your veterinarian and reference this against our ingredients list, which can be found on every one of our essential oils pages.

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

Looking to add a little extra fragrance to your space? Want a pick-me-up or a quick refresher at any time? A DIY essential oil room spray or perfume is a great option! Room sprays made with essential oils are a super quick and simple DIY option to put together. 

  1. Choose a reusable spray bottle of your choice. Our team loves this one
  2. Select an essential oil blend (check out our full collection here).
  3. Add 4 to 6 ounces of distilled water to the spray bottle. 
  4. Add 2 to 4 ounces of witch hazel. 
  5. Add in 25 to 30 drops of your chosen essential oil blend. 
  6. Gently shake to mix. 

Replace the batch as needed, or if/when the scent turns or dissipates.

DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffusers

If you love your ultrasonic essential oil diffuser but are looking to mix things up, or you just want a less steamy way to fragrance your space, try creating reed diffusers using our essential oils. 

  1. Select your decorative jar or canister. It's better if this has a narrow, vase like opening.
  2. Select a mixing jar.
  3. Add a carrier oil to the mixing jar to create a base. While there are many carrier oils to choose from, we recommend safflower or grapeseed oil. You can scale this recipe up or down based on the size of your jar, but 1/4 cup will make a small batch.
  4. Add 30 to 35 drops of your chosen essential oil blend into the carrier oil.
  5. Stir gently, and pour into the decorative container.
  6. Add 5 or 6 reed sticks to the decorative container. These can be purchased at many crafting stores.

Batches can be made once your canister runs out, or once the smell is no longer as strong as you prefer.

Tips For Creating DIY Essential Oil Recipes

While we don't recommend concocting your own body care with essential oils (if you want to DIY this, we HIGHLY recommend consulting a doctor, naturopathic practitioner or aromatherapy specialist), these are great ways to add them into your home or refresh your textiles. 

Do you have any essential oil DIYs or hacks that you love? Let us know.

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