Elise's Favorite Things, March

If you're reading this, you're probably in a similar situation to me: at home, on your couch, passing time in whatever positive way you can manage until it's safe enough to resume everyday life. 

Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge that I'm extremely grateful to be in a situation where I can work from home and have what I need to feel safe and comfortable. And I wanted to share a few of the things that have brought me comfort during this uncertain, confusing, and sometimes scary time.

1. FaceTime

FaceTime and Zoom calls have been my connection to family and friends. I made the decision to stay put in New York, where we're based, and not to travel to see my family, many of whom are at a higher risk. This has been more difficult than I had imagined, but my daily calls with family and friends have made a huge difference in how I'm coping. I hope you all can take a minute to call or check in on family and friends, especially those who live alone or those who are essential workers and are doing their absolute best to make our lives as safe, healthy, and normal as possible during this crisis.

2. Aloe Green Clover Candle

When we put together our assortment of candle fragrances, this was the scent I was a bit confused by/wary of. How would it turn out when it burned? What does a green clover smell like anyway? And when our samples came in, I was blown away. This is such a crisp, clean scent and doesn't cause migraines for me like many scents can (none of our fragrances do, and that is a true joy for me!). I've rotated through a few of our scents in my apartment but this is my true favorite. It lives on my fragrance shelf (yes, I have one) in my bedroom alongside my favorite candles and perfumes. 

3. Pressed Juicery x Sugarfina Gummy Bears

You would be absolutely correct to assume that gummy bears flavored like kale/spinach based green juice would be horrific. They are, however, wonderful and delicious, and just the right amount of sweet to satisfy a craving without going insane. Highly recommend them. Yes, they are pictured on our super comfortable Bamboo bedding. 

4. Our Bamboo Joggers

I love our joggers in Pebble. I love them. They are soft and comfortable and perfect for days spent indoors getting things done. Since I am on the shorter side, I roll the waistband over one time for a perfect fit. A quick tip: be gentle in your care for these. Bamboo is an incredible material, but needs to be washed carefully. Use a cold water setting and dry on low to give these the longest life possible. 

So there you have it! My four favorite things from March. Let us know what has been helping you get through this time on social media!

Follow along as I discover new favorites and wax poetic about old ones on Instagram. Check out my personal page @esabak or the content I share to the brand @sijohome if you're not following already.


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