Eucalyptus Health Benefits and Uses

Eucalyptus is an amazing plant with so many benefits and applications. It can be an oil, the leaves can be used, their wood pulp can be made into bedding (just like ours!), and more. 

Today, we’re walking through the health benefits and applications of this fantastic plant to give you a better understanding of what it can do.

What is Eucalyptus Good For?

Eucalyptus is useful for a variety of things, from aiding in holistic health practices, becoming more relaxed, and even in getting better sleep. It can be used in many applications including the following:

  1. Essential oils. In its most basic form, the oils from eucalyptus plants are extracted and used to create essential oil blends. This is often also sold as a stand-alone oil, without others added to it.
  2. Balms. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the plant and incorporated into occlusive materials to create topical balms for the body. 
  3. Skincare Topicals and Body Care. Your skincare routine may include eucalyptus. Again, the oil is extracted from the plant to be added to a number of skincare and body care products as they can aid in hydration (more on that later)!
  4. Bath and Shower Steams. For steaming, the leaves and oil from eucalyptus can be extremely helpful. These may be compressed into tablets or used as is. 
  5. Fabrics. Eucalyptus plants are used to create certain fabrics. Essentially, the pulp from the wood and stems of the plant are used to create fibers, which are then made into fabric, which can be used for clothing, bedding, etc. This is the most basic overview of how our fabric is made. For more on that, visit our blog post about the Eucalyptus Bedding Collection creation process.

Eucalyptus Health Benefits

  1. It has anti-inflammatory properties.Inflammation is a huge issue for many body systems. We will explain how it aids in respiratory and congestion issues, but this can also be used on the skin for some relief. 
  2. Helps soothe respiratory issues. Eucalyptus is often used in shower tablets, salves, and other topical treatments to help soothe cold or other respiratory symptoms. The oil from the eucalyptus plant itself is often extracted and added into these items. Eucalyptus plants themselves are also useful. They can be tied or wrapped around a shower head to help disperse eucalyptus steam/fragrance through your shower. It also makes for a fun spa experience.
  3. Relieves congestion. When paired with steam, eucalyptus is a great way to amplify your routine for congestion relief because it breaks down the mucus and reduces inflammation. As mentioned above, balms, salves, shower tabs and even the plant itself (when used in the shower) are great ways to promote congestion relief. Be sure to consult with a physician in cases of consistent or severe congestion, as you may have a strong cold, the flu, or a sinus infection that require a prescription as well.
  4. Muscle and pain relief properties. Because of its cooling properties and cold, tingly feeling, the oil from eucalyptus plants can be useful to help with pain relief. I recently had a bit of tendonitis, and used a eucalyptus based balm on the area at times when I was not able to apply ice, and it definitely helped me feel a little more comfortable.
  5. Helps promote relaxation. Eucalyptus essential oils are often included in calming blends to help promote a relaxing environment. It also makes a lovely addition to soothing bath and body products. 
  6. Aids in skin hydration. Ceramides are lipids that help to hydrate the skin. Watch any skincare video on YouTube to listen to all of the beauty gurus extol the benefits ceramides have on the skin. How does this tie in with eucalyptus? It turns out that eucalyptus might help increase the production of ceramides, helping relieve dry skin and keep you hydrated. Using pure eucalyptus essential oil on the skin isn’t the best idea. So, please be sure to find skincare products specially formulated with eucalyptus for best results and a lower chance of irritation. And, like anything you try for the first time on the skin, be sure to do a patch test. 

What makes our Eucalyptus Bedding Collection Different?

Our bedding collection is different because we source our eucalyptus and other raw materials from sustainable farms and responsible suppliers. 

Further, in the TENCEL lyocell fiber creation process, we use organic solvents in a closed loop process to turn the eucalyptus wood pulp into fiber, meaning the solvents are recycled, and that our process produces much less waste and uses much less water than traditional materials or even bamboo and eucalyptus viscose might. Viscose often requires strong, harsh chemicals. Our fiber type is lyocell, which, again, uses organic solvents meaning harsh chemicals and dyes are not used in our manufacturing process.

No matter how you plan to use this amazing plant, or which products you look into trying, we know that you’ll enjoy many of its benefits. 

What are your favorite ways to use eucalyptus? Have you tried our Eucalyptus bedding collection? Be sure to let us know!

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