How-To Guide: Putting On a Duvet Cover

Have you ever wondered the best way to attach your SIJO comforter and duvet cover?

With a little help of Ashley, a SIJO Instagram partner, we've got a quick and simple how-to video for you. 

Duvet Cover Tutorial

Click here to view the video.

Looking for a step-by-step guide? Read on:

  1. Begin with your duvet cover inside out. Check to see that the snaps and ties at each corner are exposed.
  2. Lay your duvet insert/comforter on top of the inside out duvet cover.
  3. Ensure the insert/comforter edges line up with the edges and corners of the duvet cover.
  4. Snap or tie the duvet cover elements into the loops of the duvet insert/comforter on the corners and sides.
  5. Reach into the opening of the duvet cover until you can grab the bottom most corners of the attached insert/comforter and duvet cover.
  6. Pull these corners up toward your body , essentially turning it rightside out, until the duvet cover is no longer inside out.
  7. Shake and adjust until the insert/comforter is evenly distributed inside the duvet cover.
  8. Secure the buttons and enjoy cozy sleep!

Would you like more tutorials from us? Let us know on social @sijohome.

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