How To Wash Bamboo Sheets & Bedding

Bamboo bedding is super soft and silky. It has a smoother and considerably more unique feel than percale or cotton bedding, and is also quite distinct in texture from our French Linen bedding

And because of its unique attributes, instructions on how to wash bamboo sheets tend to be a bit different. So if you've gotten some of our new bamboo sheets and have been wondering what to do when washing bamboo sheets and bedding for the first time, we've got you covered. 

Tip 1: Stay away from bleach (bleach alternatives are OK for the white sheets)

Harsh bleach is not the best pairing for our bedding or any bamboo sheets. For our Snow shade, bleach alternatives will work well. Other than that, use the detergent of your choice. If you're able and you use scented detergent, a way to make your bedding feel extra special is to use a separate scented detergent for your bedding than you do for your other laundry items.

Tip 2: A cold wash is always better for bamboo sheets

Sometimes, warm washes can stretch or wear out fibers quickly. We recommend a cold wash to extend the life, softness, and sheen of bamboo bedding. Also, sometimes a warm or hot wash can cause materials to shrink, even those that have been through a pre-shrink process. Plus, cold washes are more friendly to the environment!

Tip 3: Tumble dry on low

Tumble drying on low is simply more gentle for your bamboo bedding. You are, of course, free to air dry your bedding if you choose. High dry settings over the long term can cause damage to the fibers and also alter the texture of the bedding a bit. 

Other Considerations When Washing Bamboo Sheets:

  • Dry cleaning is always an option for bamboo bedding if that's something you choose! We recommend a service with organic solvents if this is the cleaning option you choose.
  • While bamboo bedding will not wrinkle if taken out of the dryer and placed immediately on the bed, it can be steamed for extra crispness if desired.

And, don't forget: bamboo sheets and bedding should generally be washed more frequently than you think! We recommend washing every week or so, and if you can wash pillowcases more frequently, we highly recommend that. Using a flat sheet (also called a top sheet) with your bamboo bedding helps extend wash time for the duvet cover.

We hope these tips are helpful, and that you're enjoying the cozy softness and luxurious sheen of your Sijo bamboo bedding!

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