The Myth of Thread Count

Searching for the best bedding can be tough. How do you know what you’ll like? What are the best markers of quality? For years, thread count has been the main measure. But just because it’s been around forever doesn’t mean it’s the best measurement.

While thread count is a term meant to denote quality, it’s actually not an accurate representation of a material's softness or overall quality. It's not even formally outlined or regulated by the FTC! The federal department that sets standards for advertising!

Unlike cotton, bamboo lyocell and French linen materials are often measured by other standards. 

Still want measures of quality? Here's what to focus on instead:

Fibers: Assessing the fiber type of your preferred bedding material is key. The longer the fibers, the stronger and longer-lasting the material. This measure is considerably more valuable than thread count, because it shows the durability of the material itself. Both bamboo and linen materials have long fibers, making them high quality, and long lasting while also being incredibly soft!

GSM: GSM stands for grams per square meter, and is a stronger indication of durability than thread count. This is principally used for linen material. Industry standard is around 150 GSM for a high quality linen, and we’re proud to say that our French Linen has a GSM of 175 - 180.

Production: The way your bedding is produced is also a much more crucial factor than thread count. Ensuring sustainable and ethical practices are used, and avoiding harsh or harmful chemicals is key. We have an Oeko-Tex certification, meaning that harmful chemicals or pesticides are not used In the production of our bedding or our materials. That means safer, healthier nights of sleep.

Overall Comfort: How does the product feel? Is it a material known for softness? Does its comfort or softness get better over time? These are great questions to ask when buying new bedding. Because even though thread count could be high, it might not be equally as cozy or soft as something with a lower thread count or something of a more reasonable price. We know that this might not be as easy to assess if you're shopping online, so we've developed color & fabric swatches so you can feel our material and determine if our Bamboo or Linen could be the right bedding material for you!

There are so many factors that go into choosing the right bedding for you. It's truly an individual process, and no number can be assigned to personal preferences. So as you look for your next set of sheets or duvet cover, keep the above points in mind. 

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