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We all want to sleep better, and studies show that cooler temperatures lead to better, deeper sleep. Our TENCEL™ lyocell is naturally cooling, extremely breathable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. All together, this means you’re likely in for comfortable, healthy, and restful nights, especially if you’re a warm sleeper.


We try to do our best to help the planet while creating our products. We chose this material because as a raw material, it’s extremely sustainable and low on water usage. Our range is also Oeko-Tex Certified: it is safe on skin and free from any harmful or toxic chemicals and detergents. For more information on the sustainability and environmental friendliness of our trees, please see our FAQ.

Ultra Smooth Material

This bedding is soft, smooth, and has a luxurious sheen. It's so easy to care for: gentle machine wash and tumble dry on low, steam if preferred. It may also be dry cleaned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to keep helping make healthier, more sustainable choices for our customers’ sleep and home experience. This means choosing materials that are luxurious and sustainable. Our TENCEL™ lyocell material is similar to the bamboo you know and love, with even more sustainability in sourcing. Our material is sourced and farmed in Central Europe, specifically Austria, and are certified to FSC® and PEFC™ sustainability standards.

TENCEL™ lyocell is different than other materials because it’s made to be both sustainable and a performance-type fabric in that it is cooling, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. 

Cotton requires more water and energy in order to be produced than lyocell. It is also less sustainable to harvest and has a lower absorbance or moisture-wicking capability. And while cotton, particularly Pima or other high thread count varieties feel luxurious, it often takes rounds of washing and time to soften the material to the desired comfort level. Lyocell, on the other hand, begins silky and soft and requires much less water and energy for production, making it a more environmentally friendly material. The cooling feeling,  moisture wicking capabilities and natural antimicrobial properties also make lyocell an attractive bedding material.

We do not focus on thread count for our bedding. It is a myth that higher thread counts are consistent with higher quality sheets, and the guidelines for thread count have not been formally outlined by the FTC. Not all materials use thread count as a measurement, and that is the case for our TENCEL™ lyocell fabric. We focus on other components, such as sustainability, production quality, softness, and comfort as quality markers and put our energy into creating the best possible bedding products that meet these standards.

We offer our eucalyptus lyocell bedding in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Eucalyptus sheets are wonderful! Our Eucalyptus sheets are made from TENCEL™ lyocell which is a versatile fabric, and it features many wonderful qualities: it’s cooling, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and supremely soft.

Eucalyptus sheets are bedding materials that use eucalyptus and other wood pulps as a raw material to then convert into fabric. These sheets tend to be softer and more sustainable to make than other common materials such as cotton. 

Eucalyptus sheets do not have a smell. However, you can create a soothing bedding spray using eucalyptus and lavender essential oils to scent your bedding if that is your preference.

Yes, eucalyptus bedding is naturally cooling and breathable, and is a wonderful choice for hot sleepers.

We suggest cleaning our eucalyptus sheets and bedding on a gentle, cool water setting with the detergent of your choice. We also suggest that this is tumble dried on low or air dried. Our eucalyptus sheets can also be dry cleaned if that is your preference.

Yes, eucalyptus lyocell, also known as Tencel, sheets are known for their softness and smooth texture. 

Eucalyptus and bamboo are similar, natural materials with many of the same properties. Eucalyptus may be seen as slightly more high end by comparison.

Yes, eucalyptus sheets are sustainable, especially when created in a manufacturing process like ours. Our materials are sourced in small batches and farmed responsibly in Central Europe, specifically Austria, and are certified to FSC® and PEFC™ sustainability standards. They are manufactured through a closed-loop process using organic solvents to ensure safety and sustainability through re-use.

Yes! Eucalyptus is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Also, our manufacturing process is very friendly to the environment, and thus, to the body as well. Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that no toxic, harsh or harmful chemicals or dyes go into the production of our bedding.

A eucalyptus duvet cover uses fibers made from the natural eucalyptus trees and other wood pulps, and converts them using chemical solvents into various types of fabric, including our TENCEL™ lyocell fabric. Lyocell is a soft, breathable, versatile material. It is made from wood cellulose and transformed into fabric, and then into our lyocell duvet covers. 

Yes, Eucalyptus bedding is safe for dogs. Because it does not include Eucalyptus oil or the unprocessed leaves, it is dog safe.

Yes, Eucalyptus bedding is safe for cats. It does not include Eucalyptus oil or the unprocessed leaves, making it cat safe.

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