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Our chic yet minimalist color offerings make our bedding a great choice for many spaces, and the most fun part is deciding which colors to pair together. We are often asked which colors go with which, and wanted to share our favorite combinations of our French Linen and Eucalyptus Lyocell Bedding Collections. 


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Forest has been a big hit across our collections, and we couldn't be more glad! This bedding looks great with our more neutral sheets: think Dove, Snow or Fog. We also love this with our new Eucalyptus color, Ivory, and our new Linen color, Classic. 


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Blush is my personal favorite, and it's what I have on my bed right now! This looks great with a variety of colors, most classically, Snow as pictured above. Many customers also pair it with Dove for a bit of a dark contrast, or Ivory. 



Slate is the perfect pair for nearly every color! The contrast of this dark shade and our lighter colors is perfect. We also find that many customers like to go with a monochromatic look and choose a Slate on Slate color combination.


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Our most complex color is Fog, because it can take on a creamy or a gray hue depending on what it is paired with, and what the decor is like. This is similar to our Ivory shade for Eucalyptus and Classic shade for Linen, but this is more taupe, where Ivory is true to shade and Classic is a natural linen color. The sheets go well with every duvet color, and of course, it pairs well with itself.

Of course, we always encourage you to choose the color pairings you love best!

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