How To Care For Your Sijo Bedding

Bed is where we do the bulk of our relaxing, so it’s important to keep everything in top shape. We have a few tips to help you make the most of your French Linen or Eucalyptus Lyocell bedding so it lasts as long as it can!

Before you wash:

Eucalyptus Sheets in Slate

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but they’re important to remember to get the best possible wash.

  1. Ensure you separate bedding elements. Only one sheet set or duvet cover should be set for each wash.
  2. Make sure you wash like colors together. 

Washing care:

  1. Cold water is best for both bamboo and linen, but a warmer water wash may be preferred for white or light colored sheets and duvet covers.
  2. Choose a detergent you love! Eco-friendly or sensitive skin washes are preferable, but test around to find the one you love to ensure you wash your bedding as often as you should be. Skip fabric softener and scent beads, though, as they can add a waxy coating that breaks down the fabric (this is actually a great tip for all laundry)!
  3. Take care when bleaching your sheets. This will help preserve the brightness of our Snow color way. 

Drying & after-wash care:

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  1. Bedding, especially our French Linen, is best to line dry or hang to dry. However, if you prefer the ease of using the dryer, be sure to tumble dry your bedding on low. 
  2. Steam or lightly iron your bedding if desired. 
  3. Fold and store any unused bedding in a clean, cool place, and ensure that it’s not in direct sunlight, as that can wash out the colors quickly.

When to wash:

Bedding should be washed much more frequently than you think! Ideally, sheets and duvet covers will be washed weekly. Pillowcases, on the other hand, should be washed or changed every few days. Doing this helps the skin stay clear, as dust, dry skin particles, and hair/hair products quickly and easily collect on pillowcases. 

Ensuring your bedding is cared for is a step toward a more incredible night of sleep, and makes your bed a spot you look forward to enjoying each and every night. 

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