Introducing SIJO's New Product Names!

From the airy texture of our TENCEL™ fabric to the luxurious feel of our linen to the adaptive CLIMA technology, the way our products feel and help you sleep is key. 

We're celebrating the feelings, textures, and tech of our products by re-naming them to better reflect how they contribute to helping you achieve your best sleep! Let's jump right into the new names:

First up, bedding.

AiryWeight Bedding

Our Eucalyptus Bedding, which includes SIJO's TENCEL™ sheets, duvet covers and comforters somehow embody cooling airiness and a luxurious weight, a perfect balance for healthy sleep. With that in mind, AiryWeight is the perfect name to capture this cooling, sleek, and balanced bedding.

TempTune Bedding

Customers love our CLIMA bedding for the exclusive SIJO CLIMA™ tech that adapts to be in tune with their bodies. What better name for our adaptive and temperature regulating sheets, duvet covers and comforters than TempTune? 

LuxeWeave Bedding

Indulgent and oh so soft, our French Flax Linen is the perfect mix of luxury and natural woven fibers. We're celebrating this deeply luxurious weave by naming it as such! 

Next, we have pillows

FluffBase Eucalyptus Pillow

Our down alternative pillow, featuring a cool-to-the-touch eucalyptus TENCEL™ shell is fluffy, huggable, and oh-so soft. You'll always be sleeping on the cool side of the pillow with FluffBase.

CloudSupport Cooling Pillow

Cloud like softness and incredible support from Talalay latex come together to create what might just be the perfect pillow.

We're thrilled about these new names, and hope you are, too! 

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