The Sijo Team Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Sijo, we are ready for the holidays. After a difficult and unusual two years, we have been looking forward to the holidays more than usual this year. The beautiful decorations, the excitement, and the spirit of gifting are highlights of every holiday season! And in the spirit of gifting, our team has put together a guide of their own favorite items to help add a spark of inspiration to your holiday shopping. Ready to dive in?

Founder Favorite Gifts to Give or Get

Anni Stromfeld - CLIMA Latex Pillows

I love my Clima Latex pillows! During product development, the first few versions we had were similar to what’s on the market and were too hard, while being a bit flat. After rounds of testing and sending it to family and friends, we found the perfect balance of loft and softness. The latex we use has the softest response while being bouncy and lofty. It feels like resting your head on the cloud. And the shape of the pillow stays perfect, no fluffing needed ever. It makes a great, comfy gift.

Jacob Xi - CLIMA Temperature Regulating Comforter

My new favorite and gift guide selection is the CLIMA comforter! I used a down comforter last winter, although it kept me warm, I remember waking up with slightly sweating feet. This winter I noticed a big difference. It keeps me warm but not hot, and most importantly it keeps me dry the whole night under this comforter, and it definitely made me sleep better! 

Team Favorites

Elise Sabak - Eucalyptus Bedding Bundle

There is nothing I love more than new bedding. The past nearly two years of the pandemic have helped me reflect on my health, and to place a higher priority on sleep and the way it impacts my life. So getting enough rest -- enoughcomfortable rest -- is key for me. And our Eucalyptus Bedding Bundle is my absolute favorite bedding. I have sets in Snow and Blush, and they look amazing with my matching duvet covers or with the coverlets and decorative blankets and pillows I have. The softness is unparalleled and the feeling of luxury every night is such a treat! I've gifted this to my entire family. 

Steven Berberabe - CLIMA Bed Sheet Set

I love being under the covers however, my body runs hot hot. I used to regulate my temperature manually by having one leg under the sheets and one leg outside. It worked temporarily but I would still wake up randomly from getting cold caused by the moisture from my body. 

My choice for our gift guide is the CLIMA sheets. The temperature regulating technology eliminated my interrupted sleep by adapting to my temperature and allowing me to fully sleep under the covers. 

Shelby O'Connell - French Linen Sheet Set

I absolutely love my French linen sheets. They have just gotten softer and better with time. The blush color is the perfect feminine addition I needed to my bedroom. It's a luxurious gift idea! 

Maryanne Tolentino - Eucalyptus Sheet Set

The Eucalyptus Sheet Set is a fantastic gift idea. These sheets are perfect for my family. My kids sleep hot and the Eucalyptus Sheet Set will keep them cool and comfy through the night. I love that they’re made of sustainable materials with no harmful chemicals. That’s a huge win in my book!

Holiday Shipping Order-By Dates

PS - Please note our order-by dates. This will help ensure your items arrive to you in time for Christmas.

  • Ground Shipping: Order by Monday, 13 December
  • Express Shipping: Order by Monday, 20 December

Do you have a favorite gift from Sijo? What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Let us know in an email or on social media!

*Header image via @rachelnorstrom.

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